Maqu designs practical, classic clothing with a timeless aesthetic. Our garments are made with innovative fabrics, using sustainable manufacturing methods. As a child in the 1980s, Marisa Fuentes Prado grew up seeing her grandmother’s clothing production in Lima, Peru. Later, she began co-operating with various artists and was passionate about photography and painting. Around the same time, she developed an ever-increasing desire to design clothes herself. Marisa went on to study fashion design, gained work experience in the fashion industry and  became part of the team of the designer Henrik Vibskov in Copenhagen in 2013 and of the designer Freja Dalsjø in 2014 as well.

Since Maqu was the nickname already given to her by her family and friends, presenting her designs under the same name seemed like the obvious choice. After being involved in productions for the fashion weeks in Copenhagen and Paris, Marisa moved on to Berlin. In Berlin, she would blend and combine design influences from various parts of the world in a open and dynamic setting to create a lasting design.

Since 2015, Maqu has designed her first collection in Berlin. In 2016, Maqu Green Project was founded. For this project, art, design and practicability are combined with social, ecological and sustainability. We exclusively work with producers and tailors that we know personally. We pay great attention to the fact that our quality standards are met, and that working conditions and a fair compensation for an adequate living standard. For this, we have taken into consideration the relationship between wages, working hours, time pressure and personal satisfaction.

Since 2016, we are growing continuously and on a solid basis – but only so fast that design and innovation/experimentation/discovery are still paramount. We are grateful for the incredibly positive feedback; we are met with love and we can feel our strength. And we remain innovative and fair.