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Island dress

Made in Berlin with the finest organic fabrics.

Timeless - Minimalistic - Sustainable

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shiringa shoes

We introduce you our first shoe.

The shiringa or rubber tree grows wild throughout the Amazon and has a milky liquid inside it called latex, which when extracted by hand is coagulated in the form of sheets. Formerly, at the time of rubber fever, the tree was cut and chopped to extract all the latex from its interior and then to coagulate was transported off the continent for various industries, thus generating large tracts of land swept by greed and the explotion.

But now there are communities that work latex harvesting of the Shiringa tree without cutting down the trees, which collect the latex from inside making incisions in the bark and extracting only what is necessary so that the tree can continue alive and regenerate. In other words, the trees are not cut down.

From these sheets MAQU has designed the first shoe for Maqu Store & Studio.


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We work 80% with certified fabrics and the other 20% are oldstock from productions in Peru.

It is our way to be more sustainable and to offer good design.

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